Code of Conduct

The Millbrook Mall team strives to provide customers with a safe and comfortable shopping experience. To this end, a Code of Conduct is in effect at all times to ensure the health, safety and security of everyone at the mall.


Millbrook Mall is pleased to provide a smoke-free facility in compliance with governmental legislation. Smoking is prohibited at the mall and all parking areas servicing the mall.

Disruptive Behavior and Loitering

The mall is a place for shopping and dining, not a place for loitering. Mall management and/or security have the right to prohibit groups from congregating or from loitering for excessive periods of time. This applies to all entranceways, storefronts, common area corridors, hallways and all parking areas.

Running, skate boarding, roller blading, littering, profane language, mischief, vandalism, and/or unsafe use of elevator is prohibited. Any act that violates Municipal, Provincial, or Federal laws or regulations is prohibited.

Appropriate Attire

Attire that may be considered objectionable, constitutes a disguise, hoods and/or is intended to conceal identity is prohibited.

Video Surveillance

Although the Millbrook Mall team performs regular foot patrols to ensure the safety of all visitors as well as the safety of the buildings and parking areas, to provide additional protection for the safety of all, the mall is serviced by surveillance cameras at all times.

Private Property

The mall, including its parking lot, is private property. As a visitor or employee on the property, you are expected to abide by the mall’s Code of Conduct. Failure to comply or requests made by the management may result in losing the privilege to shop or work at the mall and/or criminal prosecution, if applicable.

Millbrook Mall reserves the right to amend and modify the Code of Conduct at any time.